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Presenting our first offering, a cote de boeuf cut from a 250-day dry-aged Murray Grey cow, raised on grass at Autumn's Harvest Farm in Romulus, NY. This is at the pinnacle of quality and flavor. This exceptional cut is aged to perfection by our partners, the Butcher Girls, for St3ak, who closely monitor the process to ensure optimal tenderness and flavor.


Murray Grey cows are known for their marbling, which makes for a juicy, buttery texture and intense flavor. Grass fed with care, the result is a steak that is not only delicious but also healthier due to its higher concentration of nutrients.


The Butcher Girls' 250-day aging process allows the steak to break down naturally in a controlled environment, creating a tender, juicy, and incredibly flavorful cote de boeuf unlike any you’ve had before. However, supply of this rare and exquisite steak is extremely limited.


If you're lucky enough to get your hands on one of these, you're in for a truly exceptional experience. The limited supply and attention to detail given to the aging process ensure that this steak is a rare find that is sure to impress even the most discerning palate.


Single Rib Cote de boeuf average 1.5lbs.


Price includes shipping in the continental USA. We will contact you after purchase to confirm shipping address and details in order to ensure this steak makes to you safe and sound. 


St3ak is committed to transparency in our process and our sourcing. As we expand our offerings we will be looking to you, our customer, to guide what meat we source and what you’d like to see on your plate.

Murray Grey Cote de Boeuf

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